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Omg this was fun. The Blues and Where is My Mind in the middle kind of break the flow and I know it, but they refused to be left out :3 *whispers i love saitama*

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Let's get back to the old ways please x.x

This is a mix for leupagus’s fic, to the sky without wings :D It's Poe Dameron/Luke Skywalker, pre-film, and very wonderful!

1. moonage daydream - david bowie
2. hello, it’s me - todd rundgren
3. the first time ever i saw your face - peter paul and mary
4. the air that i breathe - the hollies
5. i want to hold your hand - the beatles
6. does your mother know - abba
7. i saw the light - todd rundgren
8. i can help - billy swan
9. i’m so tired of being alone - al green
10. no more mr. nice guy - alice cooper
11. babe - styx
12. alone again (naturally) by gilbert o’sullivan
13. without you - harry nilsson
14. all my love - london philharmonic orchestra / led zeppelin

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This is a fanmix for my Fallout 3 fanfiction Give Unto Him, with more of a post-fic skew :d Apparently, if MSI is for Durarara and Tom McRae is for Merlin/Morgana, than Tom Petty is for Fallout?? Also, I couldn't figure out how to arrange the songs, so they're kind of in the hodge-podge order they made it to the play list in :/

To conclude: away from me a bit...

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So, disclaimer, my relationship with these books is complicated. It's best summed up as 'love to hate and complain about'. But man, I've had Jardir/Inevera/Arlen urges for ages and they're not going awayyy.


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A mix for [ profile] ohgoditsbriony's fic I've been in your body, baby, for this round of [ profile] polybigbang :D Unfortunately, the accompanying fic is unavailable.

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Accompanying mix for [ profile] an_ardent_rain's Dragon Age 2 fic For Man is a Giddy Thing :D Be sure to check it out!


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My contribution to [ profile] crossbigbang Round 3, working with [ profile] sunryder. The accompanying fic, Fate Protects Fools (Small Children, and Ships Named Valor) is a NCIS/Hawaii 5-0 crossover set in Deep Space 9, and is posted here. Check it out :D

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I ship Harry Dresden and Inara Serra. Tis a very painful ship, because it's so perfect, and it's so very cracky. This mix I've had sitting around partially completed for nngh a while, we'll say. It finally sees the light :d

SO WHAT HAPPENED HERE, is that I had a dream one night that involved Inara and Harry and a baby, and Inara trying and failing to resist man-with-a-baby cuteness. And an OTP was born. Thus mix. :''D

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This is a mix for the versions of canon characters established in these stories :) In them, Cowl is Evil Harry from the Future, and Dresden is Good Harry from the Future with Sanity Slippage. And they mack sometimes. Contains self-cest ^_^

I'm, uhh, rather embarrassed by how fast this mix came together….and how large it was before I culled the ranks a bit…but. Hee, yeah X) Please enjoy if you choose to download.

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I got shippy vibes from Ghost Story, and tried to make a mix in that same spirit...Scrapped that idea, and ended up with this :D I really like Molly as a character, though I sometimes feel she isn't properly developed outside of the hot for teacher subplot :/ I tried to get a mish-mash of typical-crazy-on-hormones-teenager, more serious I'm-a-fuck-up songs, some cynicism and little embers of hope and idealism :) As well as some -> Harry songs, because it's my secret canon ship x)

Includes occasional notes :)

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My art for [ profile] unavoidedcrisis 's big bang, The Secret Waiter Job :D Be sure to check out the fic :D

I've made two covers, one banner, and one icon. Links take you to full-sized images host at Photobucket.

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Get the fanmix here :) Cover art is there as well.
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So, here's my fanmix for [ profile] unavoidedcrisis 's fic, The Secret Waiter Job :D It features the Leverage team operating a restaurant together, with Eliot as head chief and Hardison as a waiter-slash-culinary-student, and contains Eliot/Hardison. We collaborated for [ profile] au_bigbang; for her, I also made two covers, one banner, and one icon, which can be viewed here.

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Another Dean/Castiel mix :3 This one follows my season-4-and-beyond headcanon, disregards most of 5 and all of 6 (seeing as how I haven't watched any of that one). It also has some character-centric songs ^_^

I had a lot more songs than this when I started making this post *rolls eyes* Last minute pruning, wtf.

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I started working on this immediately after reading this secret, found six songs, vetoed one, and left it sitting on my desktop for a few weeks. Now I'm finally posting :D Nothing wrong with an EP occasionally, right?

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I'm kind of embarrassed by this; I was only involved in this fandom for about two days...but apparently, that was long enough for me to crank out this mix. The cover art for this thing game me soooooo much trouble...x3

Posting because 1. I want the notes for it off my computer, and 2. I'm too vain to delete without sharing :D


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 A mix to celebrate the Grim Dark, Darker and Edgier road Dresden Files has taken, as well as the sheer awesomeness of the TVTropes Wild Mass Guessing page :D That thing will make your head explode with the Awesome, if you read it in one sitting--this I say from experience ;D

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Well, once I realized that while I liked Arthur/Merlin well enough it wasn't my Merlin OTP, I went nuts and shipped everything. Gwaine/Merlin, Merlin/Morgana, Arthur/Merlin/Morgana/Gwen, Uther/Morgana, Morguase/Morgana, Morguase/Morgana/Merlin...nuts! :D Thankfully the Merlin fandom is incredibly versatile x3 Except for Merlin/Morgana fanmixes, that is. The ones I found were mostly expired, and I hate to be the person who asks for reuploads, so I made this :)

And lemme tell you, if Mindless Self Indulgence is for Shizuo/Orihara, then Tom McRae is for Merlin/Morgana. That intense, loving/longing/mournful waver to his voice is perfect for their theoretical relationship, I think :)

Long A/n. Last note: a lot of Morgana's (and Merlin's, come to think of it) songs are following the idea that she leaves (or is driven from) Camelot.

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How did I produce a fanmix for Shizuo and Orihara containing a song from Phineas and Ferb? I don't know. Making the cover art for this mix took a lot more fiddling that usual, but I love the way it came out :D


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  An EP for Amber from the anime series Darker Than Black :)


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Yay, mix! Since I've given up on making mixes that flow perfectly, I've gotten stuff like this like gem--which contains a song from a broadway play, jesus. Anyway, here's a Supernatural mix! It's kind of Dean/Castiel, kind of Dean-centric/Cas-centric, and some series gen. Ish.


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